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Hi beautiful people! I had such a wonderful time at LBCC with you :D I've never had so many people come up to talk about Borderlands with me, it was awesome!!!!

Anyways, if you're a new follower (or an old follower) you might have noticed that I've been recently posting some photos and comments about my recent visits to the doctors office. Well... I think it's time I told you guys some of the issues going on:
I’m not much for public statements like this, but this method seems to be the best way for me (less writing and retelling this depressing story yaknow?)

Back in December, I went to my doctor about some leg pain that I was experiencing more and more frequently and I was beginning to lose sleep over it. Over the next few months I went through various tests, waited for insurances to clear as well as doctors to get back from vacation only to find out I messed up my spine pretty nicely.  Before you even ask: it’s the bottom two discs in my spine; they got damaged in a fall of some sort and have been swelling up due to stress from daily activities. That swelling caught a couple of the nerves that run down my leg; I slowly lost my ability to walk as well as begin to experience pain in my right shoulder/arm. I couldn’t sleep at night from the pain, and the norco medications my doctor gave me was eating my stomach because I was taking so much of it.

August comes around, my spine specialist is back from vacation and my insurance approved of treatment. I spent most of my August taking xrays, MRI’s and meeting with pain specialists as well as go through a couple of very small surgeries. I got my first epidural injection two weeks ago and I go for my second one on the 6th.  I can walk again! Things are starting to look up for my back and leg issues.

Except… well, my right shoulder is still messed up.  My doctors told me that it was most likely due to my already existing carpal tunnel getting inflamed over the spine injury (and that it should go away with this treatment); but now that my back is on the mend: I’m actually starting to lose my right arm. I’ve been resting my hand as much as I can, but it’s really difficult for someone who draws for a living. I got two MRI’s on my neck and shoulder earlier this week, but I won’t figure out what’s wrong with it til next week.

I’m at such a loss for how to handle this issue; normally I try to push through these things and just keep quiet about it, but this past week I’ve been missing out on important events in life (no, not conventions). I have a lot more going on medically, but those issues aren’t stopping me from drawing (or working or even just being functional). It’s this damn rotary cuff and it’s incessant /clicking/ and with each movement a wave of pain and numbness goes down my arm and it’s so damn annoying and painful ughhhh

I also want to mention that the medications my doctor has prescribed me have made me an emotional mess. I’m incredibly depressed, my anxiety has gone through the roof, and every emotion i experience is amplified. I feel like I can win a crying competition against a bunch of women in their third trimester.  

TlL;DR- my life’s a medical mess right now, I’m trying to stay positive but it’s hard. I just want you guys to know I’m not avoiding you or ignoring jobs or events or commissions or work. Please don’t take this personally.
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